Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music Videos etc

I just sat down and listed all of the songs that I am currently working on for this second album and there is already a theme for the album. It will be about love loss and change. 2009 brought about many new things in my life where I had no choice but to change life is funny like that sometimes. So I have many experiences and storys to share with all of you that I'm sure many of you can relate to.

I am also talking with several people about getting some music videos done as well which will be from my first album. I will probably be doing videos for Hello World and Rooted and hopefully Monday Morning as well. Once I have singles from my second album videos from that will be released before the full album as well. So things are moving along nicely right now.

I have definitely been blessed so far and as I look back being in the game for a little over a year now so many beautiful things have happened so far. I'm looking forward to more!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Listen to my radio interview from San Jose City College

Take a listen to my radio interview that I had today at san jose city college today here:


Amy Serrata

The Power Of Music

I just had a radio interview at San Jose City College today and it went really well. Ryan said that it was the best time hes had interviewing someone in a while what a nice guy! I have the mp3 and some photos so I will be posting those soon.

I have been busy writing new songs this week and I just started a few new ones today that I'm hoping I will finish today. The beautiful thing about writing your own songs is that you can express feelings and emotions that others can't for you. Sometimes you will be lucky to find a songwriter who can capture some of the things that ring true for you but its hard to find. I was talking to someone the other day and he said you should always write about what you know. While it might be very personal I think its something that the listeners can really relate to if you talk about things that have happened to you. Everyone has gone through challenges and triumphs but not everyone voices them through music. Music is so powerful and it has a way of conveying emotions that nothing else like it can do.

Talk to all of you soon!
Amy Serrata

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Strange Fruit New Blog Posting

Strange Fruit just blogged about me as well! Here is the link:

And here is what they said:

Strangefruitmusicblog just keeps ‘em coming all different styles and all different flavours. Amy Serrata probably doesn’t ring a bell right now with most of you European readers but even if you don’t download this EP you have to take a quick listen cause next time you hear her name there should be sirens going off in your head.

This lady has got an awesome voice . It’s jazzy, it’s soulful and let’s just say she’s got my attention!! For the tracklist and lyrics to Amy Serrata’s selftitled Album go to her bandcamp website. Enjoy!!


Soul UK New Blog Posting

Soul UK just blogged about me here is the official link:

DOWNLOAD: Get Amy Serrata’s Album … For FREE!
tags: Amy Serrata, Download, Free Music
by Soul UK

Amy Serrata is one of those underground/indie artists that deserve WAY more attention than they are currently getting. I featured her on the site before here, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions (here) … but I’ll admit I was tempted not to write about her at all, not because she isn’t very good, on the contrary she is so good I was tempted to keep her as ‘a little secret’ only shared by a few other bloggers/music lovers.

Alas, I eventually decided her album was too good not to share.

Her soul/jazz/hip-hop hybrid style has drawn many a comparison, namely to icons such as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, however I think Amy’s debut stands solidly on it’s own merits. And that’s where the good news comes in folks … you can now get the entire album for FREE, all you have to do is visit her bandcamp.com site and enter an email address, that’s it. So why wait? Head on over and get the (free) goodness now while it lasts, oh and if you become a fan after listening, you are in good company :) .

Sexy Never Left New Blog Posting

Here is the official link: http://sexy-never-left.blogspot.com/2010/03/on-rise-amy-serrata.html

But I copy and pasted it for you here:

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
On The Rise: Amy Serrata

Amy Serrata is a name you should be familiar of upon this site, especially as I have interviewed the very talented previously, which you can view by clicking here.

Having nurtured her talent from a very young age, Amy has moved onto getting her work out there and so far she’s had a lot of positive feedback on her material, which is great. If you haven’t heard anything on this artist before, then here is a little introduction to the very talented, Amy Serrata.

Singer + Songwriter, Amy Serrata creates music intended to heal and bring people together. Amy’s interest in singing arose at an early age listening to the sounds of Nat King Cole; Ella Fitzgerald; Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong, to name a few. She sung in choir and started singing lessons at the age of 10 years old when she attended Nido De Aguilas, an international school in Santiago, Chile. As she got older she sung in several gospel choirs and through that experience continued to develop her vocal improvisational skills. Through college she studied Illustration with an emphasis in Fine Arts. During this time she took a break from singing, little did she know how much she would come to miss it. In 2006, Amy started singing with the Stanford University Gospel Choir. A couple years later a friend of hers encouraged her to create her own music. She let that thought simmer and shortly after began to improvise using poetry that she had previously written. The melodies started to naturally form and she then worked with producers: Hyp, HMD & Nyambezi, Willie Norwood to collaborate with for her first self titled album, ‘Amy Serrata’. Amy is currently focused on performing, working on her next album and writing songs for other artists.

Amy has very kindly allowed me to feature her latest album on the site, which is currently available to download for free. You can download the album via clicking here, just enter your email address in and you’ll be allowed her latest project for free. If you would also like to chat to Amy directly, then you can do so via Twitter and to top the feature off, if you would like to read a review on Amy’s new project, then you can do so by clicking here. Enjoy!


Monday Morning
Hello World
My Baby My Child
Teach Me
Soul Food
In My Garden
Yes To Life
Feel For Me
Love Another
This Is Me

<a href="http://amyserrata.bandcamp.com/album/amy-serrata">Monday Morning by AmySerrata</a>

Working In The Studio On The 2nd Album

I know I should probably be sleeping right now but right now sleep can wait. I wanted to check in with all of you and tell you a little bit about some of my latest adventures. I was in the studio tonight laying down a new song that I wrote I came up with the melody and the lyrics and then I sent it down to Block Cheddar to do the production for it. For some reason I was feeling very creative today so I kept my mini recorder close to me. I write down lyrics on my iphone as well which I find very helpful especially when your on the run. I'm old school though because I then rewrite them out and save them as a separate file just in case I loose the other.

I have been listening to a lot of pop, rnb and soul lately re wirering my mind and giving myself a new perspective on music. I love listening to other peoples music and getting new ideas for new songs from that. Thats not the only way that I get inspiration to write songs but it is one of them. I will listen to what they are saying and I will think of new themes or spin offs of the subject. It is amazing how many songs are written about love and loss but somehow they never get old. The trick is being sincere with your listeners and putting a creative spin to it.

I was in the studio with Niamaj tonight a dope rapper and producer. I am pacing myself to complete this album by the time summer hits. I always like to write a ton of songs and then from there narrow down the songs to one album so that I have plenty to choose from. I can't wait to share it with you! I'm hoping that I can get an EP out as well this year. Ideally i'd love to get my second album out as well as a couple other projects we'll see how far I can go this year! OOT OOT!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Review Of My Album on www.nakirabackstage.com

I wanted to share with you a review that I just got today! Nakira has a blog where she reviews artists and she did an amazing review of me on her site www.nakirabackstage.com

Here is the link: http://nikerabackstage.com/2010/03/22/music-monday-artist-amy-serrata/

And here is what she said!

I met Amy via FACEBOOK a few weeks ago. It is amazing how we add and approve friends on social networking sites without taking the time to see who we are allowing into our social circle. Amy and I have been friends for months and I had no idea she was as talented as she is. I decided to go over to her website and once I arrived I fell in love with the jazzy/blues vibe she delivers. Amy is a lovely mix between Chrisette Michelle and Amy Winehouse (minus the cocaine and alcohol addiction). Her sound is up beat and happy. Taking you back to the vintage era of pin-up girls and black and white television. Being young and ahead of your years is not so rare as it used to be. More and more of the younger generations are taking the time to study their craft by exposing themselves to Artists and Musicians from our past. These unique Artists such as Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, and Louis Armstrong helped kick-start Amy’s passion for all things music. Amy is definitely an Artist you should have added to your playlists. You can rock with her in the gym, car, on campus, or on a Friday night when you just wanna relax and have a glass of wine (or two).

LISTEN NOW! www.amyserrata.com

GET AMY SERRATA'S ALBUM FOR FREE AT: http://amyserrata.bandcamp.com/

As things are getting closer with writing and finishing up my second album I am putting the other necessary things in place like marketing, music videos etc. It is really difficult being independent and doing this all on your own. I've realized that I can not do all of this on my own and the only way that I can succeed is with the help of others. My song Hello World talks about how a man is not an island and how we need each other. I have really become aware of this this year. Its only natural that if you do too much or if you push yourself too hard your body will give out on you or you might become burnt out. I do not want that to happen with me which is why I am really trying to make sure that everything is in place. I have a lot of goals this year and I am hoping that they will be fulfilled with my hard work. Do not let anyone tell you that something can not be done because there is always a way to accomplish something. If you want something bad enough and you are willing to do what it takes it can happen.

I also wanted to share with you that I have posted up my music on bandcamp so you can get my full album for free the only thing that I ask for is an email address. If you want a physical copy you can buy one on myspace.com/amyserrata www.amyserrata.com as well as on cdbaby. I will also sell my physical copies of my album on bandcamp very soon!

The link to get my music for free on bandcamp is: http://amyserrata.bandcamp.com/
All I require is an email address! Now go share it! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding Your Own Sound

Its a funny thing being a singer and a songwriter yes it is convinient but it also requires you to really trust your own sound. Making music is definitely an art but it is also a business. I always marvel at some of the current artists in the industry and the characters that have been made up for them. Some are like actors portraying in their own film and what is funny is that some people actually believe that it is really them. Music a business and like anything it needs marketing so sometimes an artist will do something over the top just to gain press.

As artists we have to determine what our sound is and what audience we want to target. Some are not willing to change or develop with the times and sadly enough are left in the dust. I think its essential to have your own sound but also be influenced by what is currently going on. There is a reason why certain music is selling right now and the artists who change and develop with time are the ones that I think have a better chance of staying in the game long term.

They say that with every new album it is like a snap shot of an artists life. So basically their sound develops over time and is an evolving process. I am experiencing that right now as we speak as I am writing my second album. The music will be more contemporary but I do not want to loose some of the qualities from my first album. I am trying to find a balance between the two.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Making Moves

I'm lining up some music videos for my first album as well as my up and coming second album which should be released in june or july of this year. I'm also talking to some publicists and hoping that I can get a marketing campaign under way for the album as well so that I can get more press. I'm always thinking about how I can up my game and do things differently so that I can succeed. I think sometimes we don't know what we get ourselves into when we start something but sometimes if we did know it might discourage us to do it.

I truly think that things happen for a reason and the universe is aligning to make it possible for me to do another album. I am working with all new producers on this second album so it took a little longer to find the right team. However I know I have found the right people and am just relieved that I found them for reals.

Anyways I hope all of you have a great weekend! Stay positive and productive!

Amy Serrata

Thursday, March 11, 2010

VH1 Reality TV Show

Some amazing things have been happening to me lately. Last week I was asked to go down and be filmed on VH1 for Brandy and Ray J's new family show that will be airing in mid April of this year. I worked with their father Willie Norwood on my first album he came up from LA and helped me with the final recordings of my album. He is a really talented vocal coach and choir director. I'm working on my next album right now and would love to work with him again.

I am in the thick of writing my second album right now as well as writing songs for other artists so things are very busy. I am also busy with doing several other things in my life as well. This year has brought about many new changes but I am embracing them fully! I've learned that if you let fear dominate your actions you aren't fully living. Make 2010 great guys!

Amy Serrata

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BET Has Written Up About Me

I'm proud to announce that BET has written a review about me on their site it can be seen on here:


AUTONOMOUS: Guess who Questlove is a fan of…”AMY SERRATA”
Published by Anita Bryant on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 1:34 pm. Amy Serrata

Amy Serrata is a perfect example of soul music having no boundaries. Her sound and style is timeless and is creating a buzz in the music community.

Amy’s interest in singing arose at an early age listening to the sounds of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong to name a few. She sung in choir and started singing lessons at the age of 10 years old when she attended Nido De Aguilas, an international school in Santiago, Chile.

In 2006, Amy started singing with the Stanford University Gospel Choir. A couple years later a friend of hers encouraged her to create her own music.

Digital Connection:

“I actually met Questlove from Twitter technology is amazing isn’t it?! He sent me a link saying how I am one of the people that he loves listening to. I met him about a month ago at the Fahrenheit, a club in San Jose, when he was out here doing some dj gigs. I came up to him after his set and he knew my name. I had a press kit for him but he said that he already bought my album and that he is spinning it all over I was floored.” – Amy

Amy is currently focused on performing, working on her next album and writing songs for other artists.

For more music, shows and information:



Purchase album: iTunes, Rhapsody, EMUSIC, Napster, Amazon, CD Baby

TAGS: amy serrato, bay area soul, Questlove

My Second Album

I have some great news! I have finalized all of the details for my second album and I will be working with a production team by the name of Block Cheddar in LA. They will be executive producing my whole album which will be a total sigh of relief for me because it makes my life so much easier in so many ways. I do not produce...as of now :) I am a singer and songwriter so its essential for me to find producers that understand where I want to take my project. I am working with basiaclly all new producers on this second album which is why it took me a little bit longer to get everything together. Some of the producers that will be on this project are Vishnu from Block Cheddar, Ski from Camp Lo, Apple Juice Kid and Bedrock.

The sound for this second album will be very soulful and will have more of a commercial edge to it than my past album. The songs will be faster more up beat but it will still have that sense of Amy Serrata (since my sound has a unique spin to it). I am so excited to share it with all of you! :) I am expecting to have this completed by this summer if all goes well.

Your love and support is much needed at this time. I really need it to be able to do my next album. To purchase my music from my first album go to:
itunes rhapsody emusic napster amazon cdbaby

Amy Serrata