Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Having the faith to continue to pursue my dreams

I'm booking more and more shows and I'm learning as I'm going that most places book one to two months and even three months sometimes or more depending on the venue and if they are a high end popular venue then yes it is very possible.  So as I'm going I'm learning that I need to book way out in advance I'm booking for May and June and will start doing July soon too.  

I'm excited with the shows that I've gotten so far and I'm excited to book more!  I feel as giddy as a little school girl!  It feels so good to be pursuing what I love doing in life!  I trully believe that when you find something that your good at and that your really passionate about you can succeed as long as your proactive, a go getter and a hard worker!  Faith without works is dead.  So I am in a place right now where I am having to have faith that things will work out. But if you dont try you will never know!

I am excited for what will come later down the months and to see the response that people have for my music!  I didn't spend all of this time and work for nothing ha.  I now have to spread the word with performing blogging being on twitter myspace facebook etc.  But I really trully enjoy interacting with all different kinds of people!  Its all about developing relationships with people!