Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm so excited! I'm going to meet with Willie Norwood Brandy's dad yup thats right. I've known him for a couple of months and he agreed to fly out here and be there for my final recordings for my album. Hes such an amazing guy! Not only is he a vocal coach but hes also a producer. I wrote all of the songs but hes helping me make them great! We are going to review all of my songs and figure out how the songs can be better.

Tomorrow I'm heading into a nice studio in San Francisco to wrap out the final vocals for my album. I've been doing pre production for two months. You could say basically creating a road map for my songs. I'm so glad that i've done this because I've had time to really sit down and come up with some great songs. I wrote many others that I didn't decide to put a lot of time into because I was seeing that they didn't have as much potential as the others. I've been working with a producer in Oakland thats basically over seen this whole album and has done an amazing job. It is not easy to find producers that have an open mind when combining jazz, neo-soul and old school r&b. But i've been lucky to come into contact with some great people in the biz. I have a fire and determination like no other hhaa. I no longer wonder what my calling is in life. Theres no doubt about what I'm supposed to do. Inspiration has been flying faster than I can write!

Anyways I'm hoping that I can have enough strength to record hard core for the next four days and come out with a great product. If it takes longer then it takes longer i'm not going to rush it. I want this project to be dope!

Anyways just wanted to share my excitement and news with everyone!

Amy Serrata