Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I spent about six hours reviewing all of the songs that i've done and have decided on the final twelve songs that i'm going to use for my album. Its a long process. We had to brush up some songs and finish them off or add a few snippets here and there. I've been working for two months doing all of the pre production work so that I can know exactly what i"ll be doing in the studio for my final recordings. Not only is this a smart way to go but its also smart because it saves you money in the process too. That way i'm not going into an expensive studio and i'm not sure what the lay out of the song is. I kinda had to see that I needed to do this on my own and boy am I glad that I did it.

I'm going back up to Oakland to work for a while on one last song and then I'll be done! Then this Friday i'll be ready to lay down the final recordings for all twelve songs. Wow what a journey this has been I can't believe I've done it in two months. It takes most people a year or more to do an album. But I guess that makes sense when you have a full band and multiple scheudeles to take into consideration. Especially if your touring etc etc.

I copy righted all of my material last night and so after my final recordings are done I'll be having someone mix the songs and master them, set up a website, photography, packaging, posting my music on i-tunes, cdbaby, and other social network sites. I've been reading a great entertainment law book thats been really great to learn more about the industry. If your new to the biz it can be scary because there aren't a lot of people that will tell you what you need to do and the whole process of making an album. It can be a little like walking a plank of a ship or running blind folded. But I think after doing everything on your own theres a sense of accomplishment and confidence that comes. Wow I did this all by myself. Well of course I didn't do the instrumentals by myself I had some talented producers that did that. But I had to sign up with Ascap as a publisher and a writer, I had to learn how to copy right my material, I had to learn how to set up a myspace page, I had to learn how to compose songs and write them, and on and on! I live in an area where there aren't many musicians so I really am not a norm where I live. It only makes me work harder to acheive my dreams.