Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding Your Own Sound

Its a funny thing being a singer and a songwriter yes it is convinient but it also requires you to really trust your own sound. Making music is definitely an art but it is also a business. I always marvel at some of the current artists in the industry and the characters that have been made up for them. Some are like actors portraying in their own film and what is funny is that some people actually believe that it is really them. Music a business and like anything it needs marketing so sometimes an artist will do something over the top just to gain press.

As artists we have to determine what our sound is and what audience we want to target. Some are not willing to change or develop with the times and sadly enough are left in the dust. I think its essential to have your own sound but also be influenced by what is currently going on. There is a reason why certain music is selling right now and the artists who change and develop with time are the ones that I think have a better chance of staying in the game long term.

They say that with every new album it is like a snap shot of an artists life. So basically their sound develops over time and is an evolving process. I am experiencing that right now as we speak as I am writing my second album. The music will be more contemporary but I do not want to loose some of the qualities from my first album. I am trying to find a balance between the two.