Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BET Has Written Up About Me

I'm proud to announce that BET has written a review about me on their site it can be seen on here:


AUTONOMOUS: Guess who Questlove is a fan of…”AMY SERRATA”
Published by Anita Bryant on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 1:34 pm. Amy Serrata

Amy Serrata is a perfect example of soul music having no boundaries. Her sound and style is timeless and is creating a buzz in the music community.

Amy’s interest in singing arose at an early age listening to the sounds of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong to name a few. She sung in choir and started singing lessons at the age of 10 years old when she attended Nido De Aguilas, an international school in Santiago, Chile.

In 2006, Amy started singing with the Stanford University Gospel Choir. A couple years later a friend of hers encouraged her to create her own music.

Digital Connection:

“I actually met Questlove from Twitter technology is amazing isn’t it?! He sent me a link saying how I am one of the people that he loves listening to. I met him about a month ago at the Fahrenheit, a club in San Jose, when he was out here doing some dj gigs. I came up to him after his set and he knew my name. I had a press kit for him but he said that he already bought my album and that he is spinning it all over I was floored.” – Amy

Amy is currently focused on performing, working on her next album and writing songs for other artists.

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My Second Album

I have some great news! I have finalized all of the details for my second album and I will be working with a production team by the name of Block Cheddar in LA. They will be executive producing my whole album which will be a total sigh of relief for me because it makes my life so much easier in so many ways. I do not produce...as of now :) I am a singer and songwriter so its essential for me to find producers that understand where I want to take my project. I am working with basiaclly all new producers on this second album which is why it took me a little bit longer to get everything together. Some of the producers that will be on this project are Vishnu from Block Cheddar, Ski from Camp Lo, Apple Juice Kid and Bedrock.

The sound for this second album will be very soulful and will have more of a commercial edge to it than my past album. The songs will be faster more up beat but it will still have that sense of Amy Serrata (since my sound has a unique spin to it). I am so excited to share it with all of you! :) I am expecting to have this completed by this summer if all goes well.

Your love and support is much needed at this time. I really need it to be able to do my next album. To purchase my music from my first album go to:
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Amy Serrata