Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anything Is Possible

A friend of mine was asking me to be unreasonable with my life yesterday. I think being unreasonable and really pushing yourself is what makes someone achieve greatness. Really. If you stay complacent and you give yourself excuses as to why something can't be done you won't ever achieve anything. But if you constantly strive and reach towards always becoming better anything is possible.

I like moving my album along and getting things done so its actually hard for me to ask for help and have people arrange things for me. I'm so used to doing it on my own. Its also hard to know who you can trust. I think thats why its been hard for me to have others help me. I think its best to do as much as you can do alone to be honest so your not dependent on anyone. Then when it becomes too much and you just have to know when that time is you should ask for some help. Its funny how its so hard to do at times.

I have two people that are going to be helping me arrange listening partys and my album release partys. I was literally praying for that yesterday because I thought theres no way I can do this alone just no way. I guess I could to a certain extent but I would need help to get the word out and help with knowing what venues and clubs would be appropriate for my music. I'm not a big club goer. I'm kinda a home body. I love going up to San Francisco and Berkeley though. I've been going to Santa Cruz and Capitola as a girl too so i'm looking forward to performing over there sometime this year.

I have learned also this year to never say never. Never say you can't do something because why would you want to close that door off to infinite possibilities of things that maybe you could do if you just believed in yourself? All it took for me were a couple people telling me that yeah I could write songs and that I could do it by myself. I can't tell you how many days of self doubt and crying there were in the process but eventually I came thru. All because of those key people in my life. I've been the happiest i've ever been. Just goes to show that sometimes finding your own way in life is really necessary. You need to feel happy with what your doing even if people say its not possible for you. I'm making it possible for me so I know it will happen. When you work hard at something every day it will happen. Nothing is impossible. Thats what i'm standing for today. That nothing is impossible in my life. Anything I want is there for the taking. This year I want to get back into shape not just for vanity sakes but for promotional sake for my music career and just for the fact that I want to feel really comfortable in my own skin and be healthy. Thats what I'm standing for this year. And i'm also standing for the possibility of being able to be really successful with my music. I wont give up until thats so. Even if it does take years to get there.