Thursday, August 21, 2008

What does it take to love another and be happy??

What does it take to love another? Do we need to change ourselves or completely be another person? How can we keep ourselves but also be with the one we love? Thats my question for the day. How do we keep that lovin feeling in our relationships when life comes at you in a million different ways. I'm not so sure anymore. Its so easy to get caught up in everything we are doing in life and forget others in the process. Today i'm feeling overwhelmed, emotional and just well feeling very deeply and thinking a lot. What makes someone happy and how do you keep that happiness alive and strong? Can one person do that for you or does it need to be multiple people present to achieve that? What can be done to mend past heart aches so that you can move on with someone living a clean slate and open to new possibilities with them? Sometimes its so hard to forget the past and whos hurt you that you bring that into your own relationships. Lame but so true. It can be so easy to be scared about being hurt and then not wanting to take the risk of really trully giving your all to someone. I've felt that many times in my life. This blog is well a very honest one today. I love blogging about what I'm going thru tho theres a sense of well relief from it when you get it down on paper. Its the same with song writing for me. Believe me when someone pisses me off I'll just write a song about it. If someone makes me happy I'll write a song about that too ha and on and on. This is how we artists deal with things thru our music. Man the life of a musician is not an easy one thats for sure. But I can't imagine living any other life. Its a lot more complicated thats for sure figuring out how to make things work at home but it can be done.

In some ways I think we can't expect others to make us happy. In some ways yes but in other ways no. For instance you can't expect your loved one to go out and do the things you wish you could but your too scared to do and then say well i'm not happy. Well your not happy because you haven't stepped up to the plate. Each person has to make an effort to do whatever they need to do personally to make them happy whether that be going to graduate school, making an album having a baby or on and on and then have their partner reach for what makes them happy as well and support each other in the process. I think if this is done you can both grow together and motivate each other in whatever your doing. I'm a total driver...when I want something nothing will get in my way I'll get it done come hell or high water its just my personality. hehe. Anyways life is damn hard but hehe I just remember what i've been thru in the past and think I can get thru this too. hehe. Thats how I keep going on every day I just remind myself of what I've had go get thru before and then I think yeah thats nothing compared to this etc.