Monday, August 18, 2008

This Is Just The Beginning...Hello World Here I Am Today What Do You Have For Me Today?

Hmm I can't seem to stop my mind from creating. Its always churning churning with new ideas and inspiration. When your a writer and someone says something even when your in mid conversation well I find myself stoping and saying oo thats interesting. I kept doing that when Willie Norwood was in town helping me on my final recordings for my first album. He'll say little sayings or inspirational things that trigger new thoughts and new songs for me. I've been so lucky to find really great people to help me on my way. I've been praying for a mentor and for someone to help me out because it can get so lonely out there. Its so scary doing everything on your own too when your a new comer to the music industry. Hell anything is scary at first.

I was listening to Jill Scott today and looking thru her website what a power house! I really can relate to her musically and as a writer. I've been a poet since I was a little girl and so has she. She really puts it out there in her songs as do I. I hate it when people compare me to people but damn if anyone wants to compare me to her sure go right ahead. He he I consider that a compliement in the highest form. Shes rooted in Jazz as am I and shes got curves too. I'm not a small little petite thing. I used to be but it wasn't healthy. I love learning from other artists and listening to their runs, adlibs and things they sing about. It gets my mind jogging about issues and topics I want to sing about. Again I can't stop creating.

As this album is coming to a close I find myself thinking I'm scared. Scared of the unknown. Scared of what people will think of my music. Scared that I might not come up with another hit. Feeling vulnerable with putting my most inner feelings and thoughts on to an album and having others listen and scrutinize it. Its a whole nother ball game when you write the songs and you sing them. I'm super critical of my material. hahaha. You just have to tell yourself to stop eventually. Thats what I'm experiencing with the mixing process. I'm listening to it and thinking dang I could have done that for a run etc. I just gotta let it go its hard tho.

After doing this album I realize how many more things I want to do in life. If I am able to be successful in my music I want to get involved with so many other things. Like starting a non profit company helping others in some way I'm not sure how but I want do something, publishing a book with my poetry, possibly doing some broadway shows, performing everywhere and touring, possibly starting my own label in the future. I just have so many things I want to do hehe. This is just the beginning.