Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I want to extend a challenge to all of you...please read this

I wanted to challenge all of you and think about what you have accomplished this past year and see what you can do more of...where can you be better in your life? I have more goals that I want to achieve and I want to be unstoppable and fearless in 2009! I have to be in order to achieve the things that I want to achieve! I want to extend a challenge to all of you to do the same! Lets play all out guys! Lets be all we can be! Its not too late to start doing it now. I commited to someone yesterday that I was going to make a difference in someones life this week and cause a miracle. And I plan on doing that. I'm still not sure what I plan to do but I'll figure out what I'll do maybe I'll do it tomorrow I have a few things in mind. As human beings we are not made to be unreasonable...but if we start to stretch and grow and extend ourselves we can do some amazing things in our lives. Its when we start giving ourselves excuses as to why things can't be done is when we short change ourselves. Thats when we kill possibilities! Lets take a stand for each other and help support each other in being the best we can be...this is the only way we can become who we need to become. We are all struggling and every day is hard. I want you guys to think about this during Thanksgiving and have you recommit to who you know you can become!