Friday, February 20, 2009

Upcoming events for Amy Serrata

Ah its been a while since i've posted a blog on here.  I'll be performing starting March!  I'm excited and am in the process of memorizing all my lyrics.  Man its one thing to write songs and another to memorize all the lyrics.  Now its like when I write a song I think hmm is that too wordy and complicated?  A lot of my songs are kinda complicated with all the adlibs and the harmonies its like they are their own little symphonies and books.  They all tell a story.  I guess its just my style.  I just have so much to say what can I say?  hehe.  

I haven't been working much lately and its felt really great.  I love to be home and just have the flexibility to go out to a club in the middle of the week or hang out with my girl friends in the middle of the day how sweet is that?  My poor husband has to work a nine to five though i'm not really sure how he does it though.  I'd rather just do music full time.  I'm hoping that I will get to a point where I'll be able to gig more and eventually actually get paid for the gigs.  We all have to pay our dues in the beginning.  Often singers just sing for free or when they sing all of their money goes to their band.  Its common now a days.  Hoepfully there will come a time where it won't always be like that but like I said thats common when you start out.  Its all about promotion at this point and just getting the word out.

I plan on video taping every show so that we can put it up on my facebook, my myspace, maybe even twitter, my website and youtube!  Lets spread the word ladies and gentelemen!

My first gig in March is on March 13th at Club Otis in San Francisco with an amazing DJ named DJ Brigidope.  He'll be spinning for me while I sing Love Another and Skin off of my album!  All originals straight from my album!  My next show after that will be at the Karribean in Oakland with a full band on March 26th and then the other show will be at Spice Monkey in Oakland on March 28th which will be a big show.  There will be a swing band starting out, djs spinning out through out the show, an MC by the name of Namaj and then I'll be closing out the set with my band!  Yah!  I'm hoping that there will be a lot more gigs in April we'll just have to see!  Its always good to make a following in your home town first and in my case the bay area is a small scene.  So word does really spread fast.  

Anyways I'd love to see all of you there at my shows and i'll keep you updated with anymore things that happen in the next up coming weeks or months!  Hope all of you have a great week!