Thursday, March 25, 2010

Listen to my radio interview from San Jose City College

Take a listen to my radio interview that I had today at san jose city college today here:">

Amy Serrata

The Power Of Music

I just had a radio interview at San Jose City College today and it went really well. Ryan said that it was the best time hes had interviewing someone in a while what a nice guy! I have the mp3 and some photos so I will be posting those soon.

I have been busy writing new songs this week and I just started a few new ones today that I'm hoping I will finish today. The beautiful thing about writing your own songs is that you can express feelings and emotions that others can't for you. Sometimes you will be lucky to find a songwriter who can capture some of the things that ring true for you but its hard to find. I was talking to someone the other day and he said you should always write about what you know. While it might be very personal I think its something that the listeners can really relate to if you talk about things that have happened to you. Everyone has gone through challenges and triumphs but not everyone voices them through music. Music is so powerful and it has a way of conveying emotions that nothing else like it can do.

Talk to all of you soon!
Amy Serrata