Saturday, August 16, 2008

Getting ready for my photo shoot

So today I decided to go shopping for my photo shoot for my album. All the while while I was shopping I was thinking what kind of style is my music? Is it trendy? Is it timeless? And its timeless. Its a mix of jazz and neo-soul. So I thought yeah I'm going to get some clothes that are clean and polished. I didn't want anything too frilly or feminine either. I'm really excited with what I got and am more excited when the photos will be finished to be put up on my myspace page!

I've been so focused on getting things done that I'm getting everything that I need to get done early. I couldn't sleep this morning until late like I usually do on Saturdays. I got up at 7:20am! When do I ever do that? Wierdo. The mall didn't open till 10 am so I decided to go to Starbucks and just read a newspaper and do some writing. I wrote some new possible songs today. The more I write the better I get. Its like riding a bicycle. The more you do it the faster and more agile you become. I loved just sitting there at Starbucks and resting. It felt so great.

I hung out with my friends last night and went up to San Francisco to get my hair done by my hair dresser. She did such a great job. I can even go for clean up for free in four or five weeks and then get my hair cut five weeks later. How cool is that talk about convenient!

I've been eating lunch late on most days and have been talking with some older men that are semi retired ha and have been having such a fun time talking to them! I love talking to older people they are so funny! Not always but well theres just a sense of honesty there usually because they dont care as much about what image they are projecting etc. I love learning from all different kinds of people. Its funny how the older you get too the age gap tends to not matter as much anymore. I have a friend thats 63! Shes always totally straight with me which is so great! I played my music the other day there and the owner loved it so much she wants to buy a copy from me. Most of the other people there want a copy too. Hopefully many more will!

Anyways have a great day guys!