Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feeling Greatful...

I'm sitting here listening to Common...I've been over dosing on him for a couple of weeks now haha. I love him so much hes such a great rapper. I would love to collaborate with him in the future if I ever get the lucky chance of ever meeting him!!!

I had a great Saturday yesterday...I went up to SF and met two musicians who were really nice. One is a drummer and the other is a bassist. I gave them copies of my album and then they are going to get a keyboardist and a guitarist together and then we'll jam together probably next week and see how it goes. I think I'm going to have to meet up with all of the producers who are on my album to get all of the samples from my album so that my keyboardist can trigger them off during the live performances. I'm also going to give the background vocals to my keyboardist so he can trigger those too while theres a live performance. This is going to take a while to form...but it will be way worth it. I'm excited to perform the songs on more of an organic level and to be able to free style on all of the songs.

I already have someone thats interested in booking me shows and being my booking agent so thats a huge burden off my shoulders...I never wanted to have to think about having to deal with that. If I had to do all of that I think I would really burn out from all of this process. Its amazing that I've done everything that I have done actually. Its taken a bit longer but its gotten done.

I was thinking today how greatful I am that I was able to do my album at this level...and its only my first. I was lucky to be able to be put in contact with some amazing producers and some amazing hook ups. I just feel so lucky that I was able to give it my all for my first album...I feel blessed today. I dont know whats going to happen tomorrow but I just have to trust that everything will be ok. I'm having my listening party on Friday next week to celebrate my album just with close friends and family. When I get my band together I'll have an album release party hopefully in San Francisco.

I had someone review my album that has a marketing company down in LA. She liked it a lot and thought it was unique. I've decided that I'm going to hire her to do a two month marketing plan for me next year. I'll have to have my band all in place by that time but that should be a peice of cake...cuz I've been pounding the pavement for more than a month now finding musicians. I might have already found some that might work. She would be throwing an album release party for me in LA and inviting some really big names from the music industry to come hear me perform! It will create a lot of buzz around my album from radio stations, producers, labels and on and on. After that depending on the results of that I'll see what my next move will be career wise. So far though I've been really blessed with the contacts that I've gotten and its been largely from someone that has helped me all thru out this process...and you know who you are...

My bday is this Thursday and I had a celebration with some friends and it was so fun. I'm getting to know more and more friends who have become pretty close and I feel really greatful for that. I'm looking forward to meeting more people and expanding my circle! I'm trying to form a support network...if ya know what I mean. Its so important!

K I'm going to go to my parents house to go chill out its kinda my routine every Sunday...I was just sleeping for three hours I usually take long naps on Sunday. I love Sundays!