Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our legacy does not have to die with us..it can carry on

So I just found out that my grandpa's health is really failing not that I didn't already know this, but we just officially put him on hospice today. And, last week my sister in law found out she is pregnant. I was talking to my dad today and I feel so greatful that even though as time changes that at least as life changes we can bring new life into this world as our old generations die off in our families. I saw my grandma die this year, my fathers mother. And now this year my dad's father will probably pass away. It has made me think about my own parents pass away.

I can see why people want to have kids now so that this tradition can keep being passed on or literally everything will die with us and the chain will die with us. Our legacy will die with us. Something else that I was thinking about today is that we are all human. Its ok to make mistakes as long as we don't dwell on them and we keep moving on.

I want to write a song about this about how we are humane. Its ok to feel and to experience life and to wear your heart on your sleeve at times. Life changes but thats ok..its what we do with change that ultimately determines what kind of people we become. Thats my plug in for today!