Friday, February 20, 2009

Upcoming events for Amy Serrata

Ah its been a while since i've posted a blog on here.  I'll be performing starting March!  I'm excited and am in the process of memorizing all my lyrics.  Man its one thing to write songs and another to memorize all the lyrics.  Now its like when I write a song I think hmm is that too wordy and complicated?  A lot of my songs are kinda complicated with all the adlibs and the harmonies its like they are their own little symphonies and books.  They all tell a story.  I guess its just my style.  I just have so much to say what can I say?  hehe.  

I haven't been working much lately and its felt really great.  I love to be home and just have the flexibility to go out to a club in the middle of the week or hang out with my girl friends in the middle of the day how sweet is that?  My poor husband has to work a nine to five though i'm not really sure how he does it though.  I'd rather just do music full time.  I'm hoping that I will get to a point where I'll be able to gig more and eventually actually get paid for the gigs.  We all have to pay our dues in the beginning.  Often singers just sing for free or when they sing all of their money goes to their band.  Its common now a days.  Hoepfully there will come a time where it won't always be like that but like I said thats common when you start out.  Its all about promotion at this point and just getting the word out.

I plan on video taping every show so that we can put it up on my facebook, my myspace, maybe even twitter, my website and youtube!  Lets spread the word ladies and gentelemen!

My first gig in March is on March 13th at Club Otis in San Francisco with an amazing DJ named DJ Brigidope.  He'll be spinning for me while I sing Love Another and Skin off of my album!  All originals straight from my album!  My next show after that will be at the Karribean in Oakland with a full band on March 26th and then the other show will be at Spice Monkey in Oakland on March 28th which will be a big show.  There will be a swing band starting out, djs spinning out through out the show, an MC by the name of Namaj and then I'll be closing out the set with my band!  Yah!  I'm hoping that there will be a lot more gigs in April we'll just have to see!  Its always good to make a following in your home town first and in my case the bay area is a small scene.  So word does really spread fast.  

Anyways I'd love to see all of you there at my shows and i'll keep you updated with anymore things that happen in the next up coming weeks or months!  Hope all of you have a great week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ha ok since I'm so dang bored I decided to post up 25 random things about myself so that you can get to know more about me.

1. I have two savannah cats that are semi wild yes I like semi wild and exotic things and anything thats leopard printed! I'm weird like that.

2. I have lived in Chile for three years and speak spanish.

3. I freaked out the first time that someone tried to kiss me on each cheek while I was living in Chile since its their custom to give a kiss on each side of the cheek- I thought the guy was going to kiss me on the lips ha!

4. I love to club hop yes i'm a night owl and never used to be this way until 2008.

5. I love hip hop and never got into this till later i'm a late bloomer.

6. I often twirl my hair no matter what length it is short, long straight or curly its just kinda a tick that I have.

7. I went to a private art school in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University and majored in Illustration but dabled in the fashion department doing textiles.

8. I'm a singer, songwriter and a poet and just came out with my album itunes, rhapsody, emusic, napster and amazon

9. I love to talk a lot and ask many questions I've always been a curious george ever since I was put on this earth!

10. I'm a total hustler I work at achieving what I want to get done when I really want it watch out!

11. I like to watch Dave Chappelle re runs and laugh my booty off with my hubby.

12. I kick in my sleep and sometimes even talk in my sleep.

13. I kiss and talk in baby talk with my cats and my dad did too growing up so maybe I'm not so weird or obsessed with my animals...

14. I grew up in the bay area in California.

15. I have a hard time not getting distracted.

16. I am vegetarian.

17. I hate cooking take out is my friend but my mom's a great cook so I just go over there some times and get my fill.

18. I have to have time with my girlfriends.

19. I'm an independant spirit and believe that its healthy to go out alone or with friends.

20. I dont really enjoy holding random babys except those that are from my immediate family never was a goo goo gaga kinda girl.

21. I like to save my money I got that habit from my mom who grew up on a pig farm.

22. I'm not afraid to cry.

23. I like to live a healthy life style.

24. I'm a total book nerd and always have been my mother's mom used to read two books a week!

25. I love NY and love to network, perform and club hop there!

26. I have three brothers and sisters.

27. I'm 25% Italian.

28. I have been singing in gospel choirs since I was 18.

29. I love different cultures.

30. I'm very social.

31. My nick name growing up was Ames, Amers and Little Cat.

32. I hold my cats like a baby and do nose kisses with them.

33. I ask my hubby to tuck me into bed every night haha!

34. I like to take such hot showers that when I come out my whole back is red!

35. I am obsessed with diet coke yes that is my own down fall!

36. I like to swear every now and then hehe its a nice release I must say!

37. I love to spend time with my family and friends.

38. I go to Hawaii usually once a year.

39. I grew up going to Capitola as a little girl which is right by Santa Cruz.

40. I mostly only listen to hip hop, soul, nu-jazz and only some of rnb since I'm picky.

41. I love to laugh and some people have told me that my laugh sounds like Julia Roberts its distinctive and full of emotion!

42. I talk with my hands.

43. I used to draw in the air as a kid.

44. I was bald as a billiard when I was little till I was 6 with only some blond peach fuzz ha!

45. I hate science and math!

46. I refuse to work a 9 to 5 I hate it with a passion!

47. My dream is to do music full time and never work a job again.

48. I'd like to get into the voice over industry.

49. I love craftsman and victorian homes because I love things with charachter.

50. The only shows I watch are The Office, HGTV I'm a design freak and Comedy Central.