Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yeah I'm on the radio stations!

Wow I just found out that someone that I sent a press kit to in NY loved my album so much that he decided to play my album on his radio station today. He plays his radio station every Sunday in NY. Geraldine Convento who has acted as my A&R for my whole album and my career so far put me in contact with John who puts on his radio station his name is John Brunelli and he puts on a radio station called Breaktime Radio which is called Orchid Milk. He mentioned that my album is really soulful. I have been so blessed to be put in contact with such amazing people who have believed in my music. I wrote my music with such an open heart in the spirit with wanting to help people and I think it is translating that to other people who are listening to it. I guess it is karma so good things are coming my way. I am not taking it for granted by any means. I feel like I am in a complete trance to be honest. The radio station is 90.5 and it will be at 7pm-10pm NY time and at 4pm-7pm CA time. Please tune in to hear my music on the radio station! This is the first time that it will be played on a radio station! It has only been two weeks and already it is on a radio station...this is pretty amazing!

I will be featured on another radio station here in California in January and when I know the exact date and the radio station I will let you all know so you can tune in and listen.

This just shows...that anything is possible if you believe it is! I'm going to keep moving forward with everything else in my music career. Other things that I plan on doing this year are taking voice over classes so that I can do voice overs for commercials and for movies and for anything else that comes my way. I also would like to write music and jingles for commericals and for movies and for other artists. The sky is the limit and I frankly found something that I'm really good at. So now I just need to find how I can get into these other industries and not accept no for an answer and be fearless and unstoppable just like I was this past year in making my album. Someone told me recently that I can just decide that I can just chalk my album up as something that I did for NO. I dont play that way. I'm playing all out. If you think that way you will only fail. The way you think is the way you will become. Anyways the fact that I'm already on the radio stations already tells me that I'm on the right course...