Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Helping others is what christmas is all about!

Well one more day and its Christmas. I'm going to be delivering food, presents and jackets to three families in East Palo Alto. This is really what christmas is all about. The three kids are from a school in Menlo Park that Condelica Rice set up but it is full of kids from East Palo Alto. I knew the principal who was introduced to me thru a mutual friend. I was never really exposed to that...and I cried while I was there. It was truly moving and it motivated me to make a difference in some of these kids lives. If I could I'd help transform that whole school. But for now I'll start small. Again if I make it with my music I'm going to give back big time. I think the more you have the more responsibility you have to give back. I drove back to Mountain View and I literally felt like crap. I realized that not everyone lives like this...I felt really spoiled...compared to these kids in East Palo Alto. They have a huge hurtle to climb. The sad thing is that no one donates to this school that live in Menlo Park and Atherton. The school is in Menlo Park...when I heard that I just thought wow its intersting how consumed we get with our own materialism and we forget about the little people. My grandma was always thinking about other people. I really dont care what color or religion you are...we all need help especially in these times. I look forward to meeting these families and seeing their faces when I give them these gifts. Anyways have a merry christmas guys and remember that family is whats important at these times!