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Tuesday, 23 March 2010
On The Rise: Amy Serrata

Amy Serrata is a name you should be familiar of upon this site, especially as I have interviewed the very talented previously, which you can view by clicking here.

Having nurtured her talent from a very young age, Amy has moved onto getting her work out there and so far she’s had a lot of positive feedback on her material, which is great. If you haven’t heard anything on this artist before, then here is a little introduction to the very talented, Amy Serrata.

Singer + Songwriter, Amy Serrata creates music intended to heal and bring people together. Amy’s interest in singing arose at an early age listening to the sounds of Nat King Cole; Ella Fitzgerald; Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong, to name a few. She sung in choir and started singing lessons at the age of 10 years old when she attended Nido De Aguilas, an international school in Santiago, Chile. As she got older she sung in several gospel choirs and through that experience continued to develop her vocal improvisational skills. Through college she studied Illustration with an emphasis in Fine Arts. During this time she took a break from singing, little did she know how much she would come to miss it. In 2006, Amy started singing with the Stanford University Gospel Choir. A couple years later a friend of hers encouraged her to create her own music. She let that thought simmer and shortly after began to improvise using poetry that she had previously written. The melodies started to naturally form and she then worked with producers: Hyp, HMD & Nyambezi, Willie Norwood to collaborate with for her first self titled album, ‘Amy Serrata’. Amy is currently focused on performing, working on her next album and writing songs for other artists.

Amy has very kindly allowed me to feature her latest album on the site, which is currently available to download for free. You can download the album via clicking here, just enter your email address in and you’ll be allowed her latest project for free. If you would also like to chat to Amy directly, then you can do so via Twitter and to top the feature off, if you would like to read a review on Amy’s new project, then you can do so by clicking here. Enjoy!


Monday Morning
Hello World
My Baby My Child
Teach Me
Soul Food
In My Garden
Yes To Life
Feel For Me
Love Another
This Is Me

<a href="">Monday Morning by AmySerrata</a>

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