Sunday, December 28, 2008

The things I did for others on Christmas and some goals I'd like to achieve in 2009

Well I ended up delivering Christmas dinner to two families in a town that is really struggling. Unfortunately one of the families was not at the address that I had for them so I'm thinking about donating the dinner to a woman in a near by battered woman's shelter. I've never been abused thank heavens but my heart really goes out to women who have been emotionally and physically abused. It felt great to help out some of the families that are really struggling. This is really what Christmas is all about. I think its easy to get caught up in what do I have and I may not have enough to donate to others. Not true. In many times we have more than we think.

Someone said that if we are positive in life we can radiate that and it will effect everyone around us. What a profound comment. A lady at church said that and it really struck me because it is so true. I am commited to do that in 2009 and as a friend of mine says to get off it. I love surrounding myself with people that are supporting me in what I want to achieve in my life and vice versa I do the same for them. In reality if we surround ourselves with people who see us as bigger than who we are and what our potential is it can really help us grow. I keep those people like that really close to me.

In 2009 I am commited to being fearless and unstoppable in achieving my dreams. I do not want fear to get in my way in anything that I want to succeed at. Ultimately if we decide that we can not do something then we probably can't. Its up to us to be our own cheer leader and to continue on relying on our own strength. Not everyone will be there for us to carry us through in life. I've really realized that this year and have grown a lot. 2009 will bring about a lot of positive changes in my life I can just feel it and whatever they are you have to embrace change because often more than not things happen even better than what we thought they were as long as we are striving to become better in our life. I wanted to share some of these thoughts with you.