Sunday, January 4, 2009

The things we do to feel fulfilled when if we could just remember why we are successful and make sure we dont become prideful it would all work out..

So I'm listening tø a song right now its called When It All Falls Down by Kanye West and Lauren Hill. Its about a girl who dosen't finish college and she never finishes and gets resigned in life. Wow we all have our own issues huh? When it all falls down who are you going to call? We are all self concious and we tend to buy things that we don't need just to fulfill things that we really need inside but it never really lasts. That feeling of being fulfilled it never lasts. I was talking with my mom tonight and when it comes down to it when you make sure that you live a righteous life and you always remember why good things are happening in your life and you dont think its because your doing it its really God then you keep humble and you dont become prideful. I have really seen that when you do follow good things and you make sure that your always wanting to progress in all things in your life things will come into your life that you will have never even dreamed you could have done. Miracles will happen. Some people say its fate but I think it is something bigger than that.