Sunday, December 14, 2008

Take action in your life and you will be satisfied and happy in your life!

Wow I had such an amazing time in NY while I was there with my husband. My husband is from Queens. There is just an amazing feel there. We went to Manhattan almost every day and walked for at least three hours every day. I can see why most of the women there are so skinny hehe. While we were there I was able to meet some pretty famous producers and DJs and give them my album which was really exciting. NY has so many famous musicians just at your finger tips and its almost like people take it for granted there. I would love to live in Queens or Manhattan in the future when I make it in the music business hehe. I'd love to get a big flat in Soho or Tribecca.

Ever since I had a class last night in San Jose and they asked what are some areas in your life where you are not feeling satisified and complete? I realized what some of these things are and I have a new commitement to really attack those things and to make things happen this year. I have a huge commitment in making things happen. Its funny because while I was in NY my husband's best friend told my husband that I am a completely different woman since the last time he saw me which was last year. Its all because I'm not angry or resigned about my life because instead of waiting for things to happen to me I'm in action and doing them now! I'm happy. My teacher last night challenged us to work on these areas in our life and create break throughs. I also realized last night that all the reasons of why we tell ourselves why something is not possible are made up and are just part of our fantasy. They are what holds us back from achieving a lot in our lives. After seeing the many miracles that I've experienced in my life this year I've realized that anything is possible in life if you just take a stand for your life.