Sunday, December 6, 2009


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The Real Test Is...

The more you learn the more you know and I have been taking the time to learn more about the music business. It really is very fascinating. The music business is in such a flux right now and so many people are scrambling because they are not sure what to do next. I think there are two ways that an artist can look at the new avenues that technology has provided us. One they can think oh I am just an artist I do not need to bother with the business side and they are so wrong. If you are an independant artist you do need to worry about those things or your music will not get heard. Now if you are lucky to form a team around you or get signed to a label then yes you will not need to worry about the business side as much. However, even if you do have a team you will want to know what is going on and how you can contribute.

There are people out there that will help out others in the business and offer them advice. Even people who have been in the business for years say that they are still paying their dues. There is a reason why most people give up in this business lol its because it takes so much work and sometimes it does not pay off. There really is no guarantee however if you think about it there is really no guarantee with anything in life. Just because you go to school to become a lawyer does not mean that you will be set in life or successful. Yes you will have the tools to be successful but it is up to you with what you do with those tools.

"Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. But its not. It takes patience, it takes commitment and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won't. Its whether you let it hard you or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you chose to perservere." (Barack Obama)