Friday, November 28, 2008

Everyone has their own unique gifts and I plan on using mine to the best ability to bless others

I just saw The Secret Life of Bees today with my mom and it reminded me that we all have our own paths in life. We all have our own gifts and as my dad said to me on Thanksgiving what life is about is playing all out in life and using your gifts to the best of your ability. I am me. I am not someone else. I am Amy. I was given my own unique talents and gifts for a reason and if we never try we will never try. I would rather try and give it my all then never know if it was possible.

I always knew that I had a gift of feeling deeply. I think God gave me this gift to use this in my song writing. I wrote this song My Baby My Child and some people have asked me why I wrote it and I have never experienced loosing a child but for some reason it spoke to me. It can be interpreted in so many ways. Loosing a child emotionally. Loosing a child spiritually. Loosing a child physically. Loosing your loved one and seeing them in jail. In the song it says why can't they set you free. These are gifts I plan on using to bless others.

Again we were all born into this life to bless others with different things. Some can bless others with the ability to take care of others. Some have the ability to be great mothers. Some have the ability to love with a great capacity. Some have the ability to dance really well. You get the point. If we compare ourself to others then we are coveting what other people have and that is actually a commandment that God has said that we shouldn't do. My dad was saying to me the other day...that if someone said I want to be like Von and do what he did for a living. They would be a failure because no one can be exactly like me and hes right. Just like no one can write songs like me. Why even try and compare ourselves then? Lets just be happy for other people when they share themselves and when they have success in their lives? Thats what life is about.

At the same point though if people close around me are not happy for me thats ok. That wont make me stop doing what I'm doing and it wont make me angry. Some people have a hard time being happy for other people when they succeed. And honestly some people doubt if something is possible. Some people like to kill possibility and they have a hard time seeing that something might actually work out long term. Thats a really sad state to live in. If you think like that then how can you ever succeed at anything why even try anything then? Literally. I used to question everything and it made me stop doing things but I dont do that anymore I just keep moving. Anyways these are some things to think about. Not everyone will be happy when you succeed but thats ok. Just keep moving and doing your thing. The people who see you as bigger than you are are the ones who are your true friends and who I keep by my side. Those are my true friends.