Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ha ok since I'm so dang bored I decided to post up 25 random things about myself so that you can get to know more about me.

1. I have two savannah cats that are semi wild yes I like semi wild and exotic things and anything thats leopard printed! I'm weird like that.

2. I have lived in Chile for three years and speak spanish.

3. I freaked out the first time that someone tried to kiss me on each cheek while I was living in Chile since its their custom to give a kiss on each side of the cheek- I thought the guy was going to kiss me on the lips ha!

4. I love to club hop yes i'm a night owl and never used to be this way until 2008.

5. I love hip hop and never got into this till later i'm a late bloomer.

6. I often twirl my hair no matter what length it is short, long straight or curly its just kinda a tick that I have.

7. I went to a private art school in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University and majored in Illustration but dabled in the fashion department doing textiles.

8. I'm a singer, songwriter and a poet and just came out with my album myspace.com/amyserrata www.amyserrata.com itunes, rhapsody, emusic, napster and amazon

9. I love to talk a lot and ask many questions I've always been a curious george ever since I was put on this earth!

10. I'm a total hustler I work at achieving what I want to get done when I really want it watch out!

11. I like to watch Dave Chappelle re runs and laugh my booty off with my hubby.

12. I kick in my sleep and sometimes even talk in my sleep.

13. I kiss and talk in baby talk with my cats and my dad did too growing up so maybe I'm not so weird or obsessed with my animals...

14. I grew up in the bay area in California.

15. I have a hard time not getting distracted.

16. I am vegetarian.

17. I hate cooking take out is my friend but my mom's a great cook so I just go over there some times and get my fill.

18. I have to have time with my girlfriends.

19. I'm an independant spirit and believe that its healthy to go out alone or with friends.

20. I dont really enjoy holding random babys except those that are from my immediate family never was a goo goo gaga kinda girl.

21. I like to save my money I got that habit from my mom who grew up on a pig farm.

22. I'm not afraid to cry.

23. I like to live a healthy life style.

24. I'm a total book nerd and always have been my mother's mom used to read two books a week!

25. I love NY and love to network, perform and club hop there!

26. I have three brothers and sisters.

27. I'm 25% Italian.

28. I have been singing in gospel choirs since I was 18.

29. I love different cultures.

30. I'm very social.

31. My nick name growing up was Ames, Amers and Little Cat.

32. I hold my cats like a baby and do nose kisses with them.

33. I ask my hubby to tuck me into bed every night haha!

34. I like to take such hot showers that when I come out my whole back is red!

35. I am obsessed with diet coke yes that is my own down fall!

36. I like to swear every now and then hehe its a nice release I must say!

37. I love to spend time with my family and friends.

38. I go to Hawaii usually once a year.

39. I grew up going to Capitola as a little girl which is right by Santa Cruz.

40. I mostly only listen to hip hop, soul, nu-jazz and only some of rnb since I'm picky.

41. I love to laugh and some people have told me that my laugh sounds like Julia Roberts its distinctive and full of emotion!

42. I talk with my hands.

43. I used to draw in the air as a kid.

44. I was bald as a billiard when I was little till I was 6 with only some blond peach fuzz ha!

45. I hate science and math!

46. I refuse to work a 9 to 5 I hate it with a passion!

47. My dream is to do music full time and never work a job again.

48. I'd like to get into the voice over industry.

49. I love craftsman and victorian homes because I love things with charachter.

50. The only shows I watch are The Office, HGTV I'm a design freak and Comedy Central.