Monday, November 3, 2008

Come one and all and buy a CD from me at and my myspace site!

Come one and all and buy my album via my myspace site and my website! My website at is up now! It has my bio on there, photos, my album for sale, my blog, a review from a local DJ, DJ Brigidope and so many other things! Once I get a band formed it will have listings of my gigs as well! Anyways I'm so excited I just wanted to post this tonight! I'll keep you guys informed with how things go!

Anything is possible if you let yourself dream enough!

So its interesting what everyone's listening is of me...I've been interviewing people in my life lately and I've been getting interesting responses. Its been scary but its been really helpful at the same time. In some ways its really necessary. At the same time you have to take it as well this is just their view of me and its just an opinion. But at the same time if your commited with making a difference with them its helpful to see how they listen to you and what you can do differently with them to see how you can communicate differently with them so that you can have a different impact on them. I was so scared to hear what my weaknesses are but its funny when you hear them its like oh yeah I already knew that...its funny how we hide behind our weaknesses when all along we know them deep down.

Its so rainy and gloomy out. I love days like this! It makes me want a nice hot cup of hot chocolate! I am on the move today though! I went into work today and then had to do some errands and now I'm about to go to San Jose to go to a class and I'll be there till 10pm. Then its off to work again tomorrow. This week is going to be busy. I'm going to be meeting with at least two drummers that want to possibly play with me. I'm also going to a club on Thursday night to sell my albums with a good friend. I might go to a performance on Wednesday night in Santa Cruz with my husband to see Alice Smith shes so amazing! But its so exciting that I'm actually on my way to forming a band. I'm wanting to start performing!

I just wrote a new song today...I miss writing and arranging. I really miss putting it to instrumentals as well. I liked co-arranging and working along side producers I found that part of it really exciting. Maybe one day I'll learn how to work pro-tools. I'm actually planning on getting a computer and some equipment at my house so that I can do some pre-production at my house so I don't have to rely on anyone to do that anymore. It would be nice so that I could do that on my own and lay down the rough vocals and buy the instrumentals from producers and then when I do the final vocals in the studio it dosen't take as much time since I know what I am going to do on the final tracks. haha I already miss recording. I can't wait till I have enough money where I can own my own studio and I can do that all day long. Sigh. I love this with a passion it runs thru my bones. When you listen to my music all of you friends and family you'll hear it in my music I live and breath it. I put my whole heart and soul into this album. So far everyone thats heard it djs, producers and musicians have loved it. I hoping it continues to do well. When I put my mind to something that I want you betta watch out hehe I work hard.

I'm throwing a benefit concert and will blog about this later this week. I'm really excited about this...I didn't know much about making an album but I did a pretty dang good job for my first album. Now I'm going to be organizing a benefit concert where I'll be working with VH1's save the music's program where I'll be donating part of the proceeds of the conert to that foundation! I'm going to get some local bay area bands that have a big enough following to perform at this concert. So i'll be getting to know booking agents and managers and djs and a lot of people in the biz. I've already met some booking agents already. So i've been going to lots of shows lately and networking. Its been fun. I like doing this actually. Hehe hustling is in my blood. I don't go to these shows to drink...I go there to network all the way. So not only is this show going to be fun but it will be for a great cause! I'm going to have my band put together in time so I will be able to perform at this show as well and I'll be selling my albums there too! Yeah! Its going to be jazz, funk and hip hop bands! Anyways I'll blog more about this later! Laters have a good Monday guys!