Thursday, November 20, 2008

Persistance Pays Off

So my grandpa died last night...and I honestly was sad about it but it was really great that so many family members flew in from all over to be there with him at his last moments. It was great to be with each other and support each other as well. It made me feel really greatful for all of the hard work that my grandma and grandpa had did to help us get to what we have now. I really do have a great life and I often pinch myself...

I was in San Francisco looking around at some people thinking I wonder what these people do for a living that are able to just moosey around at the middle of the day? Are they entreprenuers? haha. Who knows?? I mean don't you ever wonder that?? I do.

Things are going well with my album. I am updating my facebook account and I have almost three hundred friends ha. I get so obsessed with viral marketing...but then again I think its so important to spread the word! Someone tonight that I added went to my myspace page and liked my music and bought my album from that! So it really pays off!

Anyways persistence pays off baby. I'm a fighter. Nothing happens over night though. My dad worked an english program for ten years and it just is barely going through. But persistence again pays off. Who knows how long my music will take. But again I will not give up. If it dosen't happen till my mid thirties so be it. It dosen't happen till then. I'll still be doing it. Thats what people don't get. I'm not going to give this up. I'll still be doin this thing till I'm old and grey haha. Just like my dad does with some of his hobbies and just like my grandpa did with writing. My grandpa used to write so many short stories of his life growing up.