Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life is better when we are greatful for everything and we let others compliement us and acknowledge them for who they are in our lives!

Life is better when we remember how grateful we should be for everything in our life. I just want to acknowledge all of the amazing people I have in my life right now. They see me as bigger as I am and not as my faults and what I should be but as my possibility of who I can be. Its so powerful to have them in my life and I've grown so much in my life. They are supporting me in following my dreams and have shared openly with me what I special gift I have to contribute to the world, giving positivity and good vibes through my music. How refreshing.

I talked with a good friend of mine tonight and she said that when we do not accept someones compliments we are not giving them opportunity to feel complete. I didn't know that people even felt like that. But now I see why. I often have hard time accepting compliments because often I do not think I'm good enough. But I am really. When I doubt myself its a loss of power. What if we did not doubt ourself and we kept moving and progressing as human beings? How amazing would that be?? I have had my close friends two of them both girls tell me openly about what I need to improve on and when I hurt them they can be open with me and direct and I can be ok with that. I could not do that before and had a hard time being straight with people and being vulnerable. Lately when I do really share myself and I talk about things that are meaningful to me I cry. Especially when I get present to the fact of how they have had such a positive change in my life. Its amazing how we all effect each other in different ways. Words are so powerful and actions are also very powerful as well.

Anyways I just wanted to leave these thoughts with you guys. I'm not sure whos reading this blog but I'm hoping that people do!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The things we do to feel fulfilled when if we could just remember why we are successful and make sure we dont become prideful it would all work out..

So I'm listening tø a song right now its called When It All Falls Down by Kanye West and Lauren Hill. Its about a girl who dosen't finish college and she never finishes and gets resigned in life. Wow we all have our own issues huh? When it all falls down who are you going to call? We are all self concious and we tend to buy things that we don't need just to fulfill things that we really need inside but it never really lasts. That feeling of being fulfilled it never lasts. I was talking with my mom tonight and when it comes down to it when you make sure that you live a righteous life and you always remember why good things are happening in your life and you dont think its because your doing it its really God then you keep humble and you dont become prideful. I have really seen that when you do follow good things and you make sure that your always wanting to progress in all things in your life things will come into your life that you will have never even dreamed you could have done. Miracles will happen. Some people say its fate but I think it is something bigger than that.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

In order to stay balanced in life we must refuse to stay in our make believe land where we think everything is fine

You know its funny. People can spew off the problems they are having in their life but until they are ready to hear what you are telling them they will probably just continue living in that suffering. Its sad how many people continue to live in their own fantasy land like oh everything is fine here but when in reality its really not. I think there are times when we do not prioritize things in our life that we should probably prioritize and take care of first so that everything else can stay in balance. I guess some people have to learn the hard way and they are too stubborn to get any help which is really sad to me. But in the end we all make our own choices in life and we can't 'save' anyone that does not want any 'saving' or help. So sometimes we have to step aside and let others do their own life when you see them really struggling. Its hard for me. I guess this is what a parent feels sometimes hehe with their own kids that are having a hard time in life.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Another year and another chance to accomplish what I have in mind for 2009

Well man another year and another chance to attack life and make my dreams come true. I was thinking today that if it takes me till my forties to make it big in the music industry then whatever I'll do it. If thats the sacrifice that I have to make then so be it. Thats the only way that people do make it in this biz they make dope music and work their behinds off and stay consistent with doing so. Basically my goals for this new year is to be open to change even it takes me to places I wouldn't normally go and make some major break throughs with my music. I have been thinking for the past week that there is no other real job that I want to do then making music and performing. If that means that I only do that well thats so great! I'd rather do that and I'm basically a night owl anyways. I love to sleep in and then I love to go out later in the day. I'm just kinda wired like that. Anyways I had a great new years and its always a time when I reflect what I've accomplished and what goals I want to accomplish this year. I feel like I did a lot in 2008. I wrote an album which I've been wanting to do for years but never thought I could do it. I'm living the life I've always dreamed of and I have faith that I will find a band so I can start performing. I also have faith that I will get signed by a label and that my music will get the press that it deserves. I worked really hard to make my music positive and uplifting. The whole time I was writing each song I had that in mind. Anyways hope you all are reflecting on what you'd like to accomplish this year and that you actually make it happen. Its one thing to talk about doing things and its another thing with actually acting on it!