Friday, January 2, 2009

Another year and another chance to accomplish what I have in mind for 2009

Well man another year and another chance to attack life and make my dreams come true. I was thinking today that if it takes me till my forties to make it big in the music industry then whatever I'll do it. If thats the sacrifice that I have to make then so be it. Thats the only way that people do make it in this biz they make dope music and work their behinds off and stay consistent with doing so. Basically my goals for this new year is to be open to change even it takes me to places I wouldn't normally go and make some major break throughs with my music. I have been thinking for the past week that there is no other real job that I want to do then making music and performing. If that means that I only do that well thats so great! I'd rather do that and I'm basically a night owl anyways. I love to sleep in and then I love to go out later in the day. I'm just kinda wired like that. Anyways I had a great new years and its always a time when I reflect what I've accomplished and what goals I want to accomplish this year. I feel like I did a lot in 2008. I wrote an album which I've been wanting to do for years but never thought I could do it. I'm living the life I've always dreamed of and I have faith that I will find a band so I can start performing. I also have faith that I will get signed by a label and that my music will get the press that it deserves. I worked really hard to make my music positive and uplifting. The whole time I was writing each song I had that in mind. Anyways hope you all are reflecting on what you'd like to accomplish this year and that you actually make it happen. Its one thing to talk about doing things and its another thing with actually acting on it!